hi im steve roggenbuck, i'm a poet + video maker, editor at boost house, aspiring activist, runner, liker of the sky, + 7-year vegan. my work explores (among other things) the new forms that poetry, humor, and spirituality can take on the internet.

i'm known most for my videos. my favorite work is collected in these playlists: best of 2014, best of 2013, best of 2012, or best of 2011. in fall of 2014, i also started a poetry podcast called read poetry and eventually die.

i've published five little collections of my writing. the new book of stories is available for sale in print (get it here!), and my 2012 poetry book is too (get it here). you can also read some of my books online here. my work as an editor (via boost house) has included a walt whitman book, and co-editing a poetry anthology.

my work has been covered by rolling stone, npr, the new yorker, the fader, the atlantic, know your meme, gawker, the guardian, and the ny times style mag. here's an archive of interviews i've done.

i do about 50 live events per year, a combination of DIY shows, university readings, and workshops. you can see my upcoming dates here, watch live videos here, and email me for booking: steveroggenbuck at gmail.com.

you can buy my books here. if you have funds to book me at a university or something, please get in touch! you can also make a one-time donation here, or pledge a recurring donation for my videos via patreon.

my email is steveroggenbuck at gmail.com.
my twitter is @steveroggenbuck.

occasionally i use other social media:
my personal facebook is here.
my tumblr pages are livemylief + liefplus.
my instagram is @steveroggenbuck.

i'm usually busy + disorganized,
if i don't respond to a message, please feel free to just send again!

thank you very much :)