hi im steve roggenbuck!! im a 26 year old poet + video artist from rural michigan. my work explores (among other things) the new forms that poetry, humor, and spirituality might take on the internet. my work has been covered by rolling stone, npr, the new yorker, the fader, the atlantic, know your meme, gawker, the guardian, and the ny times style mag. i recently started boost house, a publisher and residency in maine. i live vegan and sober.

i've become known most for my videos; i recomend starting with one of these playlists: best of 2014, best of 2013, best of 2012, or best of 2011. i post a mix of other media on my tumblr blogs live my lief and lief+, as well as on my twitter, facebook, and instagram.

i've self-published four short poetry collections, all of which are available to read online for free. my 2012 book is also available to buy in print. my work as an editor has included this whitman book, and co-editing this poetry anthology.

i do about 50 live shows per year, a combination of DIY shows, university readings, and social media workshops for artists. you can see my upcoming dates here, watch live recordings here, or learn about booking me here.

you can (please) pledge a recurring donation to support my videos via patreon. you can also buy my books and shirts here. if you're able to book me at your university or something, please get in touch!

here is an archive of my interviews.
in 2010-11 i kept this old blog of essays and reviews.
i was the original creator of INTERNET POETRY.
in 2010 i made this video about veganism.
back in 2005-07 i was in some death metal bands.

lately i'm most responsive to twitter @-mentions.
my email is steveroggenbuck at gmail.com.

i'm increasingly busy, but i apreciate any effort to connect.
if i don't respond, please just send again!!

thank you very much :)