doctrine on "INTERNET POETRY"

starting february 22nd, 2011, there is a new literary tumblr called INTERNET POETRY, taking submissions now:

INTERNET POETRY will post screenshots of poetry* being spread with guerilla tactics on the internet: poetry* on twitter, email, gchat, amazon book reviews, and live chat customer service windows: poetry* as wikipedia entries, blog comments, trackbacks/pings, google bombs, and youtube video responses: poetry* as facebook statuses, facebook groups, facebook notes, facebook events, facebook pictures, facebook videos, and facebook friend requests:

INTERNET POETRY will be a beacon of hope: a symbol for a new and blossoming way to spread poetry and culture: INTERNET POETRY will carry us through the end of gatekeepers in poetry, the end of poetry as an obscured printed product, and the end of poetry as something people intentionally and successfully avoid:

print is dead: publishers are dead: academia is dead: borders is dead: literary journals are dead: ezra pound is literally dead:

windows 95, 98, and XP are dead: millenium edition was only released on a small number of computers: myspace is dead: dial-up and dsl are dead: realplayer is dead: winamp has been dead for years:

long live blogs: long live free literature: long live public domain and creative commons: long live self-publishing: long live torrents: long live free pdf's: long live pay-what-you-want: long live image macros: long live the internet:

poetry is dead: long live poetry: INTERNET POETRY

* loosely defined

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