my friends... today is a momentous day in the history of verse. i am announcing the release of my full-length poetry collection, which will be set in a boundary-breaking 80 pt. helvetica, all caps

the collection will be completely free online, with print copies available for $10 or 5 copies for $25

i am releasing the collection into the public domain so people may adapt it, translate it, republish it, or blog it as they wish

in order to attract maximum long-term traffic, and because it's funny, i have titled my collection DOWNLOAD HELVETICA FOR FREE.COM, with a keyword combination that is searched over 70,000 times per month on

friends... i love you. you know that you inspire me. because of your help, my chapbook has received over 13,000 unique visitors in 3 months. i couldn’t have made it this far without you. (to say nothing of your blog comments)

with my new release, i am breaking new ground in the art of poetry... for the first time in verse, a full-length collection of poetry will be published with the explicit intention of going viral on social media, with twitter and facebook share buttons on each page

friends... you must stay with me. we are bringing a new way of life to millions... my new collection includes references to bands such as pedro the lion, daughters, the flaming lips, and arsonists get all the girls

i will be sending review copies in early february. if you can do a review or interview in a well-known blog or publication, please email me: steveroggenbuck [at] if you have a personal blog and want to cover this release, please email me too, and i will get you an advance PDF at least

DOWNLOAD HELVETICA FOR FREE.COM will be released online and in print march 1st. it will not be available through the corporations amazon or barnes and noble, but you can preorder print copies from me and the money will directly support a 23-year-old vegan poet in chicago

thank you my friends... i love you. together we are like a flock of cranes flying over a gigantic sea. we can feel the inspiration evaporating out of the water and entering our beaks. i know i can. my friends... i want to be a bird forever. i want to fly with you