notes on 'thin kimono' by michael earl craig

           She silently mouthed the word pop
           twice—pop, pop—and I felt myself twitch sharply
           in my bed. I knew I could wake up if I wanted to,
           but it just wasn’t my style.

thin kimono by michael earl craig is out on wave books in 2010. it is around 105 pages in three sections

the subject matter includes rural settings, dead people, ice cream, domesticated horses, and the names of paint colors

Varieties of corn rain down

quite a few poems talk about poetry

the poems were written for me, or for readers who were exactly the same person I was. I said I couldn’t imagine any other person.

there is political commentary in some of the poems

It’s Wednesday, I’m
gonna get me a belt buckle with
a bald eagle on it.

some of the poems end with a clever and funny line that isn’t really related to the rest of the poem. the lines quoted at the top of this review are from the end of a poem

my favorite poems in the book are "hello" and "a bold coat of vodka bonbons"

The man in the porno is lying back on the plastic lounge chair.
His eyes seem loose in his head.
Like maybe they don’t belong to him.
They flutter like the delicately hinged eyes of a doll
surfacing from a parallel universe.
I hit Pause.
These eyes are trying to tell us something.
They are trying to help us.
Anyone who looks into them can easily see this.
It is difficult to understand how the world works.

here is the page for thin kimono on the wave books website, michael earl craig’s e-book on bear parade, curt busch's review of thin kimono, and links to three other wave books i have reviewed, beckman beckman and beckman and rohrer