notes on 'sometimes my heart pushes my ribs' by ellen kennedy

sometimes my heart pushes my ribs by ellen kennedy was out from muumuu house in 2009. it is fiction and poetry; it is around 52 pages, not broken into any sections

the subject matter includes fruit, ants, sex, shoplifting, a relationship(s), depression, marijuana, waiting in the car while your mom is in a store, and obese nonhuman animals

some of the more serious and emotional fiction affected me more than i am usually affected by books. the relationship between 'woody allen' and 'ned vizzini' in 'Eoody Mobby' felt very genuine to me. the end of 'Probably Going to Die Alone' made me feel very strongly

the description of judy's parents and friends in 'Probably Going to Die Alone' felt relatable to me

In the car Judy's mom opens her free promotion bag and finds a chocolate covered pretzel bar. It says "100 calorie snack" on it. She says, "100 calories." Judy's mom opens it and starts eating it.

sometimes the stories end in the middle of something, or at a seemingly 'insignificant' time, which i liked

there are quite a few 'progressive' cultural references like an inconvenient truth and organic food

After I take my vegan dietary supplement my piss is brighter and clearer

(i have experienced having brighter and clearer piss; i've heard it happens because of there being about 500% DV of riboflavin in multivitamins)

a lot of the cultural references are very specific including specific store names

put the entire box of clif bars from a duane reade in penn station in your bag and walk away

there is a poem in the book about ants killing a slug, and the same story is mentioned in cognitive behavioral therapy by tao lin. in cbt, a hamster's friend talks about it online; in smhpmr, there is a direct description of it by the speaker

there are also things in an online story by ellen kennedy that are mentioned in cbt by tao lin. this interested me because it suggests ellen kennedy and tao lin write about their friends and real life experiences and things they talk about with their friends

two poems are called 'Poem.' i like that because people say it is a 'cop out' to name a poem that

there are 'realistic' and 'surreal' events in the book. most descriptions are about humans doing usual things; there is also a walking restaurant and a bear who headbutts a house window

here is a story in the book; poem in the book; story not in the bookpoem not in the book; ellen kennedy e-book on bear parade; ellen kennedy's twitter; tumblrthe page for smhpmr on muumuu house's website