notes on 'think tank for human beings in general' by richard wehrenberg jr. and jordan castro

'i am going to hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil // bitches…' (castro)

think tank for human beings in general is a self-published chapbook (2009) broken into a section of jordan castro's poems and a section of richard wehrenberg jr.'s poems

earlier today i read a review of this chapbook by brett gallagher. a lot of the things i would type about the subject matter and tone have already been typed by him, so maybe read that

brett noted the repeated mention of animal rights and opposition to oppressive ideologies in ttfhbig. the following lines are from wehrenberg jr.

responding with violence
to a violent world does not
feel ok to me

the poems are a little hesitant about how they address these things, not really confident or bold

this excerpt is from 'victory' by jordan castro

is subjecting millions of people to starvation and poverty
an okay method of dealing with personal insecurities

i want to lie down

under 50,000 blankets and 2,000,000 pillows

i 'just' want to 'lie the fuck' 'down'

this excerpt is from 'think tank for human beings in general' by richard wehrenberg jr.

this poem is an extinct volcano

it exploded with lava-power
now it does not want to

it is tired

it sits still
wanting nothing really

just kind of there

the speaker(s) responds to oppression and suffering with imagery of being 'tired' and wanting to 'lie down'

the aesthetic is not like a manifesto calling for 'revolution!' but an individual saying 'damn' or 'wtf' repeatedly in response to mainstream society and corporations, expressing burn-out and hopelessness

the tone in the poems seems sometimes ironic or clever and other times direct and honest, for both castro and wehrenberg

here is a poem by richard wehrenberg jr.; here is a poem by jordan castro

here and here are e-chapbooks by jordan castro

richard wehrenberg jr.'s art blog and tumblr, jordan castro's twitter

you can buy ttfhbig here