notes on 'baby hedgehogs and american apparel dogs' by david fishkind

       You want your life to seem meta?
       Eat more salad.

bhaaad by david fishkind was self-published in 2010; it is around 50 pages.  i found david fishkind through his blog, and i read some haiku by him that made me interested in his chapbook

subject matter includes crying, drinking, sex, 'shit-eating grins,' a lot of nonhuman animals, 'the hibiscus,' listening to music while working on a farm, freudian theory, eye contact, suicide, new york city, iphones, jesus christ

       And they maintained eye contact for three weeks

a lot of the chapbook is directed at 'you,' but the 'you' seems to maybe change throughout

       You are going to be alone forever.
       Even when you are with other people.
       You are alone.

the chapbook has 25 sections. section 13 has nothing at all in it

the structure reminded me of lyn hejinian's my life, which has a section for each year of her life. bhaaad seems maybe less chronological, though

some parts remind me of 'song of myself' by walt whitman

       I am asleep in Washington Square Park, I am asleep in Union Square Park, I am asleep on the Q train,
       I am walking from the Q train to my room, I am in my room, I am looking at my computer,
       I am the cell phone, fuck me,
       I am the genitals, don't fuck me, ever


       I am always at the beach when I am alive,
       And when I am dead I am always at the beach.

american apparel is referred to something like 7-10 times. i didn't like the way this seemed to associate a clothing brand with other counterculture references and/or emotional experiences in the text.  in parts, though, it felt like the references were satirical/ironic

       We go into American Apparel,
       We are two young happy Americans

there are a lot of online texts on the sidebar of david fishkind's blog / here is a tweet by david fishkind that i liked / david fishkind's twitter account in general / website for bhaaad

when i write 'david fishkind' in my word processor, it changes it to 'david fishpond'