notes on 'nice hat. thanks.' by joshua beckman and matthew rohrer

this book was written collaboratively by joshua beckman and matthew rohrer, and from what i can tell, they recorded the poems with a microphone in public parks and other areas

i like the size of this book and the texture of the cover. it is 64 pages, and it was published in 2002

the poems are organized by their length: two lines, three lines, four lines, five lines, long poems, and a note on process

i liked the short poems in this collection. i got a feeling from them that was similar to haiku. they have one or two things, and that’s it


i like this. it is straight up

there were also a lot of lines that were funny to me

Standing and walking
are two of my favorites.

and this

Believe me.
I’m healthy.

i didn’t like the longer poems as much, but i still liked reading them for some of their individual lines

this book is from wave books and can be bought here or here

more on joshua beckman here, more on matthew rohrer here